Frequently Asked Questions for Patients

Yes. Data is stored and maintained in a HIPAA-compliant environment. It is protected by industry leading encryption technology. Transmitted information is encrypted end to end.

Yes, Clio GO is HIPAA compliant.

Yes, Clio GO uses Powch, a patented passwordless authentication system based on elliptic curve cryptography. Private keys are stored within the secure enclave chip inside the mobile device. This provides enhanced security and is superior to traditional passwords. The best part is, there is nothing for the user to remember.

Nothing! Clio GO has no monthly fee. Patients will be responsible for paying for their appointments but at a lower, pre-negotiated cost. Clio GO will also give you cash back from part of your deductible.

Yes, you can link your HSA card directly on Clio GO and use it to cover your copays.

No problem! Clio GO works with your existing plan and doesn’t take away your current coverage. If you lose insurance or are no longer enrolled, we will still be here for you.

Yes, Clio GO works with your existing plan no matter what type of health insurance plan you are enrolled in. Clio GO does not replace your health insurance coverage.

Yes, you can see your current provider on the Clio GO platform.

Clio GO will make sure that you find a quality provider to fit your health and wellness needs. Patients can see ratings and reviews provided by real patients before you book your appointment.

Yes! Clio GO is available nationwide with no limitations based on zip codes. You can be sitting on your couch or commuting to work and still receive high quality care.

Enroll at any time! No need to wait for an enrollment period to start using Clio GO. Set up your health profile within minutes.

Visit the Apple Store or Google Play Store and download Clio GO to get started. Email if you have any questions.